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The Kim Baker Radio Show

The amazing connection between horses, animals and humans!

Kim Baker Radio Show

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The Kim Baker Show is now part of the Horse Radio Network!
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The Kim Baker Radio Show
Do movies like National Velvet, Old Yeller, and Black Beauty tend to pull at your heart strings? You're not alone. What is it about those movies that makes our emotions bubble out through our eyes and warms our hearts in the process? It's the relationship between human and animal. And it's not just any relationship, it's a relationship dreams are made of, the kind of relationship we all strive to have with our animals. The Kim Baker Radio Show is an internet talk radio show focusing on the amazing relationship between our animals and humans. With a holistic and symbiotic approach to the relationships our animals have with humans, food, and world around us, it’s in a category like no other. It’s why BioStar US is proud to come on board as title sponsor and help speak more about the relationship food has with our animals, and living in a way that supports sustainable living and better health.

The Kim Baker Radio Show will host a spot on the Horse Radio Network’s most popular show, Horses in The Morning. It’s the first live morning show with an equine theme. A light, lively, entertaining daily look at the horse world and the people in it, it’s no wonder the show’s rising popularity and worldwide audience continue to expand. The Kim Baker Radio Show’s monthly segment will highlight a new range of topics to their growing audience. The show will embrace the healing power horses have with humans, the special and often spiritual connection between horses, animals and humans, and natural/organic/holistic ways to improve the quality of life for animals and humans.

BioStar US’ Tigger Montague, owner and formulator, will be doing an ongoing segment each month on the show to answer questions relating to nutrition of horses, dogs and riders.

Guest experts, professionals and celebrities will provide you with additional information, solutions and tools.*

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We want to help you develop a deeper relationship with your horse/animal, a stronger partnership, and ultimately gain more knowledge about yourself!

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About Your Host - Kim Baker
Kim is an Internationally Recognized Author, Animal Communicator, Natural Horse Clinician, and Certified Reiki Master teacher and Kim Baker and NightEquine Craniosacral Therapist. Kim has published five books and one natural horse training DVD. Kim holds a Master's of Integrated Sciences from the University of Colorado, and received her Bachelor of Science degree in Ecology and Evolutionary Biology from the University of Arizona.

Kim is also the founder of KB Natural Horsemanship; the most integrated horsemanship program available. Kim stands out because she works with the whole horse (mind/body/spirit) instead of a one size fits all approach. Kim’s passion is helping horses and people improve their relationship.

About BioStar US
BioStar US holds the belief that non-synthetically derived ingredients (whole food) has positive effects on health and wellness. They support the whole food and organic food movement, and strive to bring the highest quality products to horses and dogs alike. For more information on BioStar US, visit their website, or you can also connect with them on Facebook.

About the Horse Radio Network
New Media in the horse world has grown in the last year more than in the last ten years combined. That is reflected in the tremendous growth of the Horse Radio Network, now with over 120,000+ unique monthly downloads in over 42 countries. The Horse Radio Network is uniquely suited to take New Media to the “next level” with the first live morning radio show for the horse world called Horses in the Morning. A live show offers the opportunity for a truly interactive experience with the audience allowing them to call in and be part of the show, a lineup of the most relevant, timely and unique guests that the horse world has to offer and news from around the world.

The views, opinions, methodologies, practices or information expressed by guest speakers and those providing comments are theirs alone, and do not necessarily reflect the views, opinions, methodologies or practices of KB Natural Horsemanship, Kim AJ Baker Inc, The Kim Baker Radio Show, or any personnel thereof (hereinafter referred to as “We”). We make no representations as to the accuracy, completeness, currentness, suitability, or validity of any information provided. We do not recommend or endorse any practitioners, products, methodologies, practices, opinions, or other information. We will not be liable for any errors, omissions, losses, injuries, or damages arising from the use of such practitioners, products, methodologies, practices, opinions, or other information.

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