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How-To Overcome Peer Pressure on the Trail!

I used to ride with a large group of horse people. There was this woman that knew it all when it came to horses and riding.

Why are horse people so darn OPINIONATED?

I think perhaps because I was a new horse owner she felt she was being helpful to me. We did several rides together as a group. She would tell me how to go over bridges with my horse, how to recover when my horse and I fell down a hill, and basically how to think and act around my horse.

The FUNNY part was, she had no idea how I felt or how my horse felt.

We were on this one ride in late spring, the snow melt runoff was at its peak. She told me to ride over the bridge, but I felt more comfortable getting off my horse and leading him across. Why?

Because I knew I could keep myself and my horse safe by doing it that way, and you know what? It built TRUST and CONFIDENCE in my horse.

My "friend" kept saying I could and should have ridden him across. In her eyes I was weak because I got off of him and lead him across.

I'm here to tell you to trust your gut instincts and live to ride another day. There is nothing WRONG with getting off of your horse to lead him/her over/by an obstacle that is challenging.

Want to know how to handle this friendly advice?
Want to know what to do in a large riding group situation?
Want tips on how to prepare if bad weather strikes?
Want to know when your horse is overheated?

This guide book offers you ALL of this information and so MUCH MORE!
AND it fits perfectly in your SADDLEBAGS or your glove can take it ANYWHERE with you!

Horse Trail Riding Safety & Etiquette

Horse Trail Riding Safety and Etiquette: Tips and Advice for Safe and Fun Trail Riding

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Guide Book - perfect for riding clubs of all ages. Fits in your saddlebags, tack box, or the glove compartment of your vehicle. Kim Baker has over a decade of trail riding experience. She is also an avid hiker and her husband is an avid mountain biker. Drawing on experience from the top three trail users (hikers, bikers and equestrians), Kim provides you with a wealth of knowledge, tools, and advice on how to have safe and fun horse trail riding experiences. Kim is a firm believer of cross-training horses and incorporates it into her natural horse training methods. She teaches horses how to negotiate trail obstacles and ride inside and outside the arena. In Horse Trail Riding Safety & Etiquette you will learn how to be prepared to expect the unexpected out on the trail. You will learn what to do in bad weather, how to tell if your horse is overheated and how to cool him down. You will also learn how to be courteous to other trail users.



  • * Learn proper horse trail riding etiquette and safety color codes while riding in groups.
  • * Know what to bring with you while horse trail riding with our safety guide checklist.
  • * Understand how to protect yourself and your horse when you encounter bad weather and non-horse friendly trail users.