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Creating Magic with Horses

I remember when I got my first horse. A 7 year old grade chestnut Arabian gelding named Zimi. Zimi was a dream come true for me. Unfortunately our time together only lasted for 7 short months and I made some major MISTAKES with him.

I had difficulty loading him in my two horse straight trailer. I went about loading him all the wrong ways! With the help of some cowboys, we would use BUTT ROPES to get him in. He would rear and one time he gashed his head on the roof of the trailer.

One time out on the trail, Zimi refused to cross a stream of water. I got off to lead him across and he jumped the stream and RAN ME OVER in the process. I remember sitting down next to a tree crying asking him why he ran me over. I wasn't seriously hurt, but when a 900 pound horse runs you over it's a big deal.

I started to ask for help from the owner of a ranch where I took riding lessons, she was also a trainer. She told me about her groundwork program and did a trailer loading session with Zimi and I. I was AMAZED at the difference in Zimi's attitude when it came to the trailer.

The trainer shared her groundwork program with me, and Zimi and I started doing the exercises for about a month before he died. The difference in our relationship was UNMISTAKEABLE.

So when I got my second horse, Night, several months later I started right away with her groundwork program. Night had never been in a two horse trailer before and I taught him to load one foot at a time. He is an EXCELLENT loader for any trailer I ask him to go in.

Night and I have that MAGICAL RELATIONSHIP people dream of with their horse. This is a horse I can take ANYWHERE and DO ANYTHING with. We have ridden trails in the Colorado mountains ALONE. We've done horse shows, competitive trail rides, native costume, and so much more. He is also a lesson horse and has tought children as young as FOUR YEARS old.

Each horse is different with their own personality, but I know for a FACT the reason Night and I have such an AMAZING relationship is because of doing the groundwork together. As I mentioned, before Zimi died I was noticing BIG changes in him and our relationship by doing the groundwork together.

MAGIC happens when you go through my "Groundwork Essentials" program with your horse. Relationships are TRANSFORMED.

So what do you have to lose?

Why NOT take your relationship with your horse to a WHOLE NEW LEVEL? It's NEVER too late!

Groundwork Essentials: Foundation that Lasts a Lifetime

Book Groundwork Essentials: Foundation that Lasts a Lifetime

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Do you desire a better relationship with your horse? Does your horse walk all over you? Want to put a great foundation on your young horse? "Groundwork Essentials: Foundation that Lasts a Lifetime" is a wonderful way to build trust with your horse, gain each other's respect, establish you as your horse's leader, create a working partnership, and ultimately develop a lasting relationship with your horse. These exercises work for young horses and older horses alike. Kim Baker walks you through each exercise and how to break it down to teach to your horse. She also tells you why each exercise is important and how it impacts your horse's life for the better. Teach your horse not to pull back when tied and learn to trailer load with ease. Join us as we embark on a journey to a better relationship with our horses.




  • * Trailer load with ease.
  • * Teach your horse not to pull back when tied.
  • * Build your horse's confidence around objects and next to fences.