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Animals Talk...Want to Know What They are Trying to Tell You?

Hi, Kim Baker, Animal Communicator here. In my book, I will guide you step by step on how to talk and communicate with animals.

I have been talking with animals for 36+ years. When I was two years old, a neighborhood boy came into our yard and shot a blue bird with his slingshot. Unfortunately, it killed the bird instantly. It was a horrible thing to witness! To make matters worse, this bird was a mother and had chicks back at the nest. The boy had no regard for the bird, or the consequences that followed by shooting the bird. All three chicks died. From that moment on, it became my life's mission to be a voice for the animals and help people regain their natural ability to communicate with animals.

Everyone has the ability to talk with animals. Just like everyone has the ability sing, some people are just more talented than others. Animal Communication is an intuitive/telepathic muscle and the more you use it, the better you become.

Animals are talking with us all the time. All it takes is for us to be open and willing to receive their messages.

Quick How-To Guide for Learning to Talk with Animals

Quick How-To Guide for Learning to Talk with Animals: Animal Communication Everyone Can Do It


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Have you always wondered what your animal is thinking, or wanted to know why s/he acts a certain way? Then look no further as "Quick How-To Guide for Learning to Talk with Animals" is your answer. This book offers detailed instructions on how to connect and communicate with animals. Don't know what to ask your animal? This book provides suggested questions to ask your animal. Have an animal that is sick, lost or dying? This book guides you through advanced forms of communication, along with practice exercises to help build your confidence. Animal Communication and Intuitive Communication with Animals, learn how with this great book.

The animals are talking. Are you listening? With this passionately and carefully written work by life-long animal communicator Kim Baker, you can and will hear them.

Everyone has the ability to talk with animals. Everyone has intuitive abilities. We're born with it. Just like the ability to sing. Everyone can sing, it’s just some people are better than others. The same is true of animal communication. It's a muscle; the more you use it the better you become.

Learn what animal communication is all about. Kim's book offers a step by step process for communicating with animals. Practice exercises, troubleshooting techniques, and advanced forms of communication are all included in this excellent how-to guide.

Quote from Joyce Leake, Founder of Animal University:
“I personally recommend this work as your entry to explore and satisfy whatever pathway it presents. As you open this channel you will quickly discover that the animals will counsel, advise and support you as you step into your own journey.

As a communicator myself, I am aware of students’ needs and questions. Kim has skillfully addressed many in this very detailed work.”