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Animals Talk...She Listens!

Want to know what your Animal is Trying to Tell you?

Animal Readings - Pet Communication

Kim Baker Animal Communicator

Kim Baker has been communicating with animals since she was two years old. Her ability was suppressed at a young age when she was told she didn’t know what she was doing (animals don’t talk!). In the past decade her ability has been reawakened and she wants to help others connect with their animal loved ones.  KB Natural Horsemanship is dedicated to helping animal lovers enhance their relationship and develop a stronger connection.

3 KittiesWhat are Animal Readings?
Animal Readings were created to help animal lovers connect with their animal friends.  Kim focuses on the whole animal (spirit, mind, and body).  Kim will provide a phone consultation or come to your location. 

We assist the animals in sharing their voice and wishes in a safe and loving environment.  Permission must be granted from the animal's guardian in order to conduct a consultation.  Kim will only perform consultations for which she has the experience and competence to perform.  Mutual agreement and understanding with the animal's guardian on objectives, scope of consultation, and fees will be made prior to consultation.  Kim will clearly define what the animal said versus her intuition and inner knowing.  A realistic plan of action will be developed between the animal and the animal's guardian in which the guardian will obtain the responsibility to implement.  Kim only relays information from the animal on how they are feeling, at no time is a diagnosis made, nor is the information meant to be a replacement for traditional veterinary medicine. 

What will it do for me and my animal?

  • * Learn what you can do make your animal even happier!

  • * Improve your animal's health and aid in their healing process.

  • * Gain better insight and understanding into your animal friend.

  • * Obtain possible solutions for you and your animal.

  • * Assist your animal to ease their transition in crossing over.

  • * Enhance your overall relationship with your animal loved one!

What is required for a reading?
Payment up front.
Photo of the animal(s).
Name of animal(s).
Age of animal(s).
Location of animal(s) [city, state/province/country]
List of Questions for your Animal

Premium Animal Reading - 60 minutes $150
Includes: Kim talking with your animal and emailing you detailed notes on what your animal said. You review, then you schedule a 30 minute follow up phone consult with Kim to ask any follow up questions you may have based on what your animal said in the emailed notes.

Good for complex problem solving, behavior issues, serious medical concerns/illness, wanting energy healing and/or emotional/trauma releases for 1-2 animals.

Advanced Animal Reading - 30 minutes $85.00
Includes: 30 minute phone consult with Kim talking with your animal(s).
Good for general check-in on 2-3 animals living or deceased, looking to resolve simple behavior or medical concern, want to assist an animal during the transition process.

Basic Animal Reading - 15 minutes $47.00
Includes: 15 minute phone consult with Kim talking with your animal(s).
Good for a quick question or two for one, possibly 2 animals.

If you have any questions about which reading is right for you and your animal(s) please contact me and I will help you determine the best solution.

Gift Pack - 3 One Hour Premium Animal Reading Sessions - $400
Each individual hour session can be used whenever you choose within 90 days of purchase.
Cannot be split into 30 minute sessions.
Works great as 3 one hour gift certificates for others!

Contact Us today to learn more and schedule your reading...YOUR ANIMAL FRIEND WILL THANK YOU FOR IT!

Kim Baker and KBNH do NOT attempt to diagnosis, substitute, or replace traditional veterinary care; the information is intended to inform the owner of possible solutions for their animal and compliment any existing care. 

Learn Animal Communication

Join us in our Animal Communication courses.  Learn how to talk to animals, reawaken your natural abilities, and deepen your relationship with your animal loved ones! 

Check the Events calendar for available Animal Communication courses.  Check out our Class Testimonials!

What are the animals and people saying?

SkySky & Kristina – Littleton, CO
"I was looking for a new facility to board my horse Sky. I found two places which I felt would be good fits for both Sky and myself. Both places had pluses and I was having troubles making a decision. I asked Kim, who had been training Sky, for help. Kim asked me to do muscle testing to see if I could get a feel for what Sky preferred. I did and felt he had a preference for one facility over the other. I was uncertain, so I asked Kim to consult Sky. She verified that my impressions were correct. He communicated to her that he felt he would be happiest at this facility and under its owner's care. We have now been at this facility for about seven months. Sky has been healthier and happier than he has ever been since we have been together. Without Kim's help, I believe I may have made a different choice, which would have resulted in Sky being less happy and I would not have become more confident concerning my ability to communicate with Sky. Thanks, Kim."

MaxMax & Valerie – Petaluma, CA
"I heard about Kim from a friend that listens to her radio show. I was having so much trouble with my cat Max. I had taken him to the vet several times and spent close to $500, and he was still suffering. I was desperate so I thought I would give Kim a try. I live in a different state so I wasn't sure how or if it would work, long distance. I emailed Kim a picture of Max and she got back to me within 24 hours with information about what was going on with him. Happily I can say Max is doing great! The information I received from Kim was concise, completely on point and it was very easy to follow her instructions on how to care for Max. Also, there was follow up a couple of weeks later just to make sure that all was still well. I highly recommend Kim, she is professional easy to deal with and most important easy to get reach when you really need someone to help. And, Max really likes her."

DestinyDestiny & Kami – Evergreen, CO
“Kim did an animal communication with one of my horses to help me pinpoint some chronic pain challenges that my mare had been facing. Kim was able to accurately clarify specific regions in my mare’s body that were centric to the pain, and recommended a holistic treatment approach. Thanks Kim!”


Animal Communication Class Testimonials

Micah - Broomfield, CO 2013
"I would recommend this class to anyone who wants to learn animal communication, and I would tell anyone who was skeptical to try this class and learn the truth them self."

Danielle - Broomfield, CO 2013
"This course is very recommendable, we learned a lot in a friendly and comfortable place.  We were able to ask specific questions and have them answered.  We also learned what we can here to learn."

Stephanie - Cotopaxi, CO 2012
"I was excited to come to my first KB Natural Horsemanship clinic and highly recommend Kim for anyone who loves animals.  She really knows her stuff!"

Peggy - Elizabeth, CO 2012
"This is a great class to get info about talking with animals.  Would recommend to anyone wanting to learn this."

Ellen - Cotopaxi, CO 2012
"Kim knows her stuff and present each aspect of her vast knowledge in easy to understand, manageable portions."

Mary - Aurora, CO 2012
"If you want to understand better the tools to communicate with your animals - this is the course for you!"

Traci – Denver, CO 2011
"Kim gently guided us through meditations and exercises that allowed us to explore our innate abilities of intuition/communication, such as mind state(s) conducive to receiving information, dominant ways in which we receive the information, and exploring passive (ie, receiving whatever information the animal wants to share) and directed (ie, asking more specific questions) ways of communicating. Kim provided a relaxed, expansive, playful atmosphere, encouraging us to trust our intuition and try out these communication techniques with curiosity and creativity. After taking this class, I trust my intuition more and am more willing to listen to and ask questions of animals. And, I’m constantly amazed at how this curiosity is received – but then, what living being doesn’t respond well to being acknowledged and heard? Thank you, Kim!"