Perfect Horse Models?

I was looking through a horse magazine the other day when I came across an ad for a hay feeder that promotes free choice. It's a really cool feeder actually, as it protects the hay bale while the horse still has access to eat. But what I noticed about the ad was the horse. This was the most manicured horse eating hay that I have ever seen. Even the forelock was perfectly placed.

Has our human society for the perfect hair, skin, and body crept into the horse world?


I surely hope not. I do know for some top horse magazines they will only accept photos of horses that have been clipped, as a general rule. Of course there are exceptions to every rule. But, why does the horse have to be clipped? A lot of people love the fuzzy whiskers on a horse. I will admit a clipped horse can be very attractive too. So I see both sides. And in the competition world you have to clip your horse. Those are the rules, and while it should be performance based, if the judge likes the performance of two horses, the judge will select the clipped horse to win over the non-clipped horse.

But I come back the ad for the hay feeder. The horse doesn't need to look like a movie star for this ad. A horse is a horse, and they are all beautiful in my book. So I write this as a word of caution so we can avoid subjecting our horses to the modeling world of humans.