When buying horse fencing, you will face many options. Each type of fencing has its own set of advantages and disadvantages, from cost to safety to ease of installation. Here are 11 fencing type options that you may want to consider when buying fencing for your horses.

HTP Rail

HTP Rail, or High Tensile Polymer Rail, features high tensile steel wires that are polymer-coated. This unique design provides the fence with durability, strength, and a flexible finish to keep your horses safe.


Cost: $0.58 /ft - $0.98 /ft (Single Rail)

Appearance: Available in a variety of colors, HTP Rail has the eye-catching appearance of wood without the maintenance hassle. HTP Rail is highly visible and provides a property with the classic, picturesque appearance of a traditional horse farm.

Advantages: HTP Rail is more durable than wood and is virtually maintenance-free – it will not splinter, rust, or rot. Horses cannot crib on HTP Rail, and the rail withstands the expansion and contraction brought about by weather fluctuations. Because HTP Rail is designed as a single line of fencing, it absorbs impact without splintering and potentially injuring your horse, like wood can.

Disadvantages: No fencing is completely maintenance-free, and HTP Rail does require occasional maintenance, but much less than you would encounter with a wooden fence. HTP Rail is available in a variety of different sizes with different break strengths, so you must be sure to choose a fence that is appropriate for your horses.

HTP Line

HTP (high tensile polymer) line is a high tensile steel wire that is coated in polymer. This polymer coating helps to prevent the line from cutting into a horse, while providing the line with flexible strength

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