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Best of Kim Baker Radio Show

Best of The Kim Baker Radio Show

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The Kim Baker Radio Show
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Show Archive Collection
2015 Jan 29 - Kim reads horse Mitch, Justina Lasley Dream Reveal and Underdog success with Jesse LeBeau
Feb 26 - Kim reads horse Ruby, Claudia Hiatt helps us Visualize and Holistic Dressage with Amy Howard
Mar 26 - Kim reads horse Pebbles, Horsemanship is a metaphor for life and Jesse R Peters trains zoo animals via natural horsemanship
April 23 - Kim reads horse Aryk, Justin Dunn tells us about Mustang Horsemanship, and Sarah Bohencamp explains the 3 T's for leadership and how that comes from horses
May 28 - Kim reads horse Soelie, horsemanship is a metaphor for life and good horses gone bad with Ed Crothers
June 25 - Kim reads horse Cane, Elizabeth Stampede Rodeo board and contestants
July 23 - Kim reads horse Lambchop, Actions for Care Givers with Carol Core and Polo Ponies
Aug 27 - Kim reads horse Reily, Improve your relationship with Horse Apple Theories from Connie Thompson
2014 January 7 - Tom, Animals in India
January 14 - Kathleen Nightingale - Miniature Horse Therapy for Dementia Patients
January 21 - Animals and Rodeo Part 1 - Luke Cresy and Ken Rehill
January 28 - Ann and Thunder go to the Super Bowl 2014
February 4 - Travis Shaw - Ames Percheron Draft Horses Hitch and Jason Goodman Percheron Thunder
February 11 - Animals in Rodeo Part 2 - June Holeman, Beau Schroeder, Trey Johnson, Wade Sumpter and Susan Kanode
February 18 - Dr Kamen, Animal Chiropractic Care
February 25 - Parker Trailers, Horse Trailers
March 4 - Talons and Art: Nature's Educators and Artists
March 11 - Equine Comeback Challenge at Rocky Mountain Horse Expo
March 18 - Justin Dunn: Mustangs and Children with Cancer
March 25 - Kim Freeman How to Find Your Lost Cat
April 8 - The Dog Gurus: Doggy Park and Day Care Do's and Don'ts
April 15 - Helping Disabled Pets Stay Mobile
April 29 - Dr Bloomer, Animal Naturopathy
May 6 - Jay Roberts: The Power of Forgiveness
May 13 - Reckless the War Horse by Janet Barrett
May 20 - Legacy Equestrian Kids Camps
May 27 - Greggory Hammond: Alpha Brain Waves and the Power of Music, Animals and Children
Aug 28 - Scratches Inside and Out, Dog Body Language, Annie and Thunder
Sept 25 - Kim reads horse Edward, Rotational Dog Diet, Whole Horse Consulting, Animal Acupressure
Oct 23 - Kim reads horse Conga, Hind Gut Uclers, JJ Tate, and Halloween Fun
Nov 26 - Kim reads horse Erin, Holistic Vet Dr. Tiffany, and Transformational Peace and Love Sandra Biskind
Dec 23 - Kim reads horse Hologram, Pyschic Janine, and Energy Booster Dondi
2013 Jan 15 - Linda Tellington-Jones
Jan 22 - Tony Dr Rose's Remedies
Jan 29 - Jared EquiFest of KS
Feb 12 - Tammy Billingsley Cowboy Mounted Shooting
February 19 - Guy McLean
February 26 - Dr Lise Andersen - Stock Dogs
March 5 - Al Dunning
March 12 - Mara LeGrand - Wild Horses in Winds of Change
March 19 - Georgette Zephyr's Garden
Tips for Starting Your Own Horse/Animal Business Month
April 2 - Joyce Leake - how to get started with ideas, filling a need, finding your niche
April 9 - Susan Williams - branding
April 16 - Bill Pelkey - web, seo, etc.
April 23 - Amy and Nancy Tallgrass - mistakes to avoid and how to grow your business
April 30 - Lorraine May Misha May Foundation - animal rescue do's and don'ts
May 7 - Doug Osness - Life by Design
May 14 - Sharlene Doughit - Financially Fit
May 21 - Mrs Green - Environment News being green with animals/pets
May 28 - Jamie from Aztek Livestock Fencing
June 4 - Back On Track Therapeutic Products
June 11 - Bette Heller Estate Planning for Your Animals
June 18 - Linda Kohanov Tao of Equus, Power of the Herd
June 25 - Terry Draper Horseback Miracles
July 2 - Dr Shawn, Natural Health Bible for Pets
July 9 - Hadley and Mel Bitterroot Ranch
July 16 - Wendy Wilkinson, Celebrities we know and the horses they love
July 23 - Frances snake bites
July 30 - Travis Shaw Ames Percheron Hitch
August 6 - John Davis - Trek West Wildlife Corridors
August 13 - Andrea Floyd - Animals in Transition
August 20 - Mike Stabler - Rescue Ranch for Research Animals
August 27 - Gene, Nature's Educators (Raptors)
Sept - 3 - Chris DDFL and Ann and Thunder live interviews
Sept 10 - Longmont Humane Society
Sept 17 - Lynn Palm and Al Dunning - Horsemanship
Sept 24 - Lori Greenstone - Animal Voters for Colorado
Oct 1 - Eileen Proctor - Halloween and Pets
Oct 8 - Nina Fascione, Defenders of Wildlife - Bats
Oct 15 - Paul Rohrer - Horror Films and Animals
Oct 29 - Valerie Rankin - Halloween Lore
Nov 5 - Darlene Kubobol - Colorado Wolf and Wildlife Center
Nov 19 - Longhopes Donkey Shelter
Nov 26 - Pat Craig Wild Animal Sanctuary
Dec 3 - Importance of Animals in Our Lives
Dec 10 - Natures Educators - Barbary Falcon
Dec 17 - Discover Your Animal Self
2012 1.10.12 – Lisa Rasmussen vendor at National Western Stock Show
1.17.12 – Ann Judge-Wegener Thunder Denver Broncos Mascot
1.24.12 – Sharon Bringleson Center for Horses and Healing
1.31.12 – Tony Rockwood and Mustang Chaco, personal story
2.7.12 – Lorrie Bracaloni Release Your Horse’s Pain Points
2.14.12 – Kim Baker Horse 101
2.21.12 – Robin Davis and Bill Scebbi Rocky Mountain Horse Expo
2.28.12 – Brad Myers Operation Silver Spurs - horses helping veterans
March – Mustang Awareness Month
3.6.12 – Carol Walker Wild Horse Photography
3.13.12 – Ginger Kathrens The Cloud Foundation
3.20.12 – Jennifer Hancock The Mustang Heritage Foundation
3.27.12 – Brent Winston and Gabriele Moritz Extreme Mustang Makeover Challenge Trainers
4.3.12 – Fran Ackley Bureau of Land Management
4.10.12 – Joyce Leake Animal University - starting a Holistic Business
4.17.12 – Mary Midkiff Women and Horses Holistic Training Oils
4.24.12 – Kim Baker - answering questions
5.1.12 – Denver Dumb Friends League Equine Harmony Center
5.8.12 – Ernie Bjorkman - Denver News Anchor turned Vet Tech shares his experiences
5.15.12 – Horse Nutrition BioStar EQ whole foods
5.22.12 – Horse Nutrition BioStar EQ supplements
5.29.12 – Louis Wood Leadership with Horses
June – Wild Animal Awareness Month
6.5.12 – World Wildlife Fund - Kristy talks about Prairie Dogs
6.12.12 – Defenders of Wildlife - Suzanne talks about Wolves
6.19.12 – Prairie Wildlife Organization - Travis talks about Black Footed Ferret
6.26.12 – Colorado Division of Wildlife - Rick talks about Lynx
7.3.12 – The Horse Resource Directory interview
7.10.12 – Susan Harris - Anatomy in Motion
7.17.12 – Tallgrass Animal Acupressure
7.31.12 – Kami Guildner - Syzygy Consulting and Coaching
8.6.12 – Julie Goodnight Horsemanship
8.14.12 – Debbie Bibb - Building the Horse of a Life Time
8.21.12 – Animal Story Contest Winners Runner Ups
8.28.12 – Robin Phelps Share Your Animal Story Contest Grand Prize Winner
9.4.12 – Jackson Galaxy - Cat Behaviorist and star of Animal Planet's "My Cat from Hell"
9.11.12 – Bob Avila Horsemanship
9.18.12 – Ellen Fitzgerald Saddle Hands - Saddle Fitting
9.25.12 – Colorado Humane Society
October – The Healing Power of Animals Month
10.2.12 – Carol from The Hope Tree
10.9.12 – Debbie, Education Director, Gentle Carousel Miniature Horse Therapy
10.16.12 – CANTER USA Nancy Koch
10.23.12 – Sarah Hester, LCSW Animals in therapy helping children
10.30.12 – Haunted Pet Stories
11.6.12 – Richard Shrake - Resistance Free Training
11.13.12 – Combining Eastern and Western Methodologies into Horsemanship and Corporate Leadership
11.20.12 – Hilda Colorado Unwanted Horse Alliance
11.27.12 – Debrah from Colorado PetAid - Emergency Preparedness
12.4.12 – Lynn Palm Horsemanship
12.11.12 – Linda Tellington-Jones
Best Of Clips
2014 Jan7 Animals in India
Jan14 Horse Therapy for Dementia Patients
Jan21 Animals in Rodeo Part1

Feb4 Draft Horses
Feb11 Animals in Rodeo Part 2
Feb25 Horse Tailer shopping

Mar4   Talons and Art
Mar11 Equine Comeback Challenge
Mar18 Justin Dunn Horsemanship
Mar25 Kim Freeman Cat Detective

2013 Jan15 Linda Tellington-Jones

Feb12 Cowboy Mounted Shooting
Feb19 Guy McLean
Feb26 Stock Dogs

Mar5   Al Dunning
Mar12Wild Horses Winds of Change

Apr2 How to Start Your Own Animal Business
Apr9 Branding Your Business
Apr16 Web Tools for Your Business
Apr23 How to Grow Your Business
Apr30 Animal Rescues & Non-Profits

May7  Double Your Joy & Income
May14 Financially Fit Business
May21 Be Environmentally Conscious 

Jun11 Estate Planning for Your Animals
Jun18 Linda Kohanov
Jun25 Horseback Miracles

Jul16 Celebrities & the Horses they Love
Jul23 Snake Bites
Jul30 Ames Percheron Farms 1

Aug6 Protecting our Wildlands & Wildlife Corridors
Aug13 Animals in Transition
Aug20 Rescuing Research Animals
Aug27 Nature's Educators 1

Sep3 Thunder 3 Denver Broncos Mascot
Sep10 Longmont Humane Society
Sep17 Lynn Palm & Al Dunning
Sep24 Colorado Voters 4 Animals

Oct1 Halloween & Pets
Oct8 Bats
Oct15 Animals in Horror Films
Oct29 Halloween Lore

Nov5 Wolf Rescue
Nov19 Longhopes Donkey Rescue
Nov26 Wildlife Animal Sanctuary

Dec3 Importance of Animals in our Lives
Dec10 Barbary Falcon
Dec17 How to Identify Your Animal Self
2012 Jan17 Thunder I vs Thunder II
Jan31 Mustang Chaco

Feb14 Kim Answering Questions
Feb28Horses and Veterans

Mar6 Wild Horse Photography
Mar13 The Cloud Foundation
Mar20 Mustang Heritage Foundation
Mar27 Extreme Mustang Makeover Trainers

Apr3 BLM
Apr17 Holistic Horse Racing

May1 DDFL Harmony Equine Center
May15 BioStar US Whole Foods
May22 BioStar US Supplements
May29 Horse Sense for Leaders

Jun5 WWF Prairie Dogs
Jun12 DOW Wolves
Jun19 PWO Black-Footed Ferret
Jun26 CDOW Lynx

Jul10 Anatomy in Motion
Jul17 Animal Acupressure

Aug7 Julie Goodnight
Aug14 Debbie Bibb
Sep4 Jackson Galaxy
Sep11 Bob Avila
Sep18 Saddle Fitting
Sep25 Colorado Humane Society

Oct9 Gentle Carousel Miniature Horse Therapy 

Nov6 Richard Shrake
Nov20 Colorado Unwanted Horse Alliance
Nov27 PetAid Colorado

Dec4 Lynn Palm
Dec11 Linda Tellington-Jones 1
































































































Radio Guest Photos

Kim and Al Dunning
Kim and Guy McLean
Kim and Lynn Palm
Kim and Debbie Bibb
Kim and Linda Kohanov
Kim and Linda Tellington-Jones
Kim and Thunder
Kim with Keyni and Kekoa (Wolves)
Artic Fox
Male Lion
Black Bear (napping)
Female Lion
Black Wolf (napping)
Kim Trail Riding